"I am buying clothes."

Translation:Táim ag ceannach éadaí.

4 years ago


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Okay, I'm officially confused now. Why is this sentence valid, where other sentences in this lesson are using "á" to express the same idea? For example, why isn't this sentence something like, "Tá éadaí á ceannach agam." ???

4 years ago


Because the others are incorrect. In that sense, it's passive. However, in some cases it's ambiguous (tá sé á dhúnadh).

4 years ago

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And I think it would be ta eadai a gceannach agam. Clothes are at their buying at me.

4 years ago


I am trying to work thru this too, sometime the answer is táim ag léamh nuachtáin stariúil and other times its tá an leabhar á léamh againn. is this to do with active/passive. can you explain what active passive is? up galway

3 years ago
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