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  5. "We have the answers."

"We have the answers."

Translation:Vi har svaren.

December 29, 2014



why is it "svaren"?


It's an ett word:
singular: ett svar, svaret
plural: svar, svaren


That always bothered me. Tack så mycket!


Tack för din hjälp


Why is it not "svarena"? They write "we have the answers" and not "we have answers". I don't understand


Hej ! I had the some question when I came across this sentence. I searched it up and then I found an explanation.

indef. Plural Ett words that end in a VOWEL : add -na


An apple / The apple / Apples / The apples

Ett äpple / Äpplet / Äpplen / ÄppleNA

Indef. Plural Ett words that end in a CONSONANT : add -en


A house / The house / Houses / The houses

Ett Hus / Huset / Hus / HusEN

Now, based on the sentence here in the exercise, we have the following declension:

Answer / The answer / Answers / The answers

Ett svar / Svaret / Svar / Svaren

source: https://ielanguages.com/swedish-plural-nouns.html

P.S.: I went back to check the "Definites" and "Plurals" sections, but the explanation above is not there, but it would be nice and important if it was.

Cheers and hope it helps :D


Tack så mycket! Very helpful!


It’s like barn, barnet, barn, barnen


svar also means respond or something along those lines, right?


Yes, svara is the verb ’to answer, respond’. Svar is the noun ’answer, reply’.


Tack. I was just wondering because I set my Mac to Swedish to help me learn, and when a program freezes and I go to quit it from the dock, I see "programet svarar inte" which, if I'm not mistaken, means "Application not responding"


'Att svara' means 'to answer/respond', 'svarar' in present tense.


This isn't a question about this sentence, but I am in the Ruby League and my last 65 points have not registered. I can't see how to post this in the Troubleshooting. I can see general questions but not how to post a new question. Help! Will be 80 points lost when I check out after this question. Been working fine up to now. The forum is not clearly accessible in my opinion.

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