"He drinks tea without sugar."

Translation:Han dricker te utan socker.

December 29, 2014

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Wait, do people actually put sugar in tea?


haha, i'm french and I generally do. A cultural thing probably (but it depends of people's preferences I guess), since I know multiple people who do that in France (not everybody) but none in Sweden yet. While living in Sweden I can say that people are more used to put milk/cream in coffee and tea here, but I'm not. I generally put sugar with both tea and coffee. Yeah, probably a bad habit that I should drop... ;D

Quick story... i was once in a very small town in countryside in Sweden, and about 50 people were gathered in the room (pretty much everybody living there ;p, so everybody knew each other). After the dinner, people could take tea/coffee, and I "dared" (;p) to ask where was the sugar to someone close to me at the buffet. The person answering said that she didn't knew but there should have some sugar somewhere in a drawer. I said that it wasn't important and that I could take it without sugar. But people were actually so nice that in less than 5 minutes, the message "the french guy would like some sugar, do you know where it is?" spread so quickly through the whole room that literally everybody knew I was looking for sugar. I admit I was a bit embarrassed and tried to say to people around me one more time that it was ok and I could drink it without sugar. But the words spread so much that I couldn't stop it. About 10-15 minutes after asking the question, someone finally said "WE FOUND THE SUGAR !!" in a happy/satisfied tone. The sugar quest was finally over and someone brought it to me. I don't think I ever had as much people staring at me while doing something as simple as putting sugar in a cup. :P

Funnily enough, swedish people consume less raw sugar (or sweet stuff in the morning) than french people, but they eat much more candy than us. Some people are actually shocked to see candies in every shop when coming to Sweden. Ahhh, cultures... ;D


This is really beautiful


beutiful and entertaining. :)


I can see drinking coffee black, But tea with no sugar is just brown water to me... I don't drink expensive tea though..


We do in the Czech Republic. It's absolutely normal thing here and if you're making tea or coffee for someone it's expected to ask how much sugar they want in their drink. :) sorry for bad English.


Some do, some don't.


Yes. Sweet iced tea is very popular in the southern states in the US.


Oh boy, you can not be more right.


Wait, do people drink tea or coffee without sugar? Pulling your leg, of course, but in other countries the usual question would be "how much sugar do you want in your tea?" and they would be suprprised if you answer "none, thanks".


In Russia, if you say 'none thanks', they'll add three lumps (or spoons) anyway :D


British people definitely do.


Wait , is this a serious question actually?!


Han dricker te med inte socker? Is it right? It sounds wrong but im curios


It's wrong. inte is used to negate verbs, and ingen/inget/inga is used to negate nouns.
Interestingly, in English you can say with no sugar, but you can't say med inget socker in Swedish.

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