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"Loven tillader et ægteskab mellem to mænd."

Translation:The law allows for a marriage between two men.

December 30, 2014



I feel I need to remind people that Duolingo is a language learning site and that one of the foremost principles of this site is respect. Respect for our national differences, our cultural differences and certainly also our differences in opinion.

With that in mind I have cleared away most of the comments. I will not accept name calling and finger pointing of any kind no matter what the subject is. Everyone should feel safe to join in on the language talk on these pages.

Please remember to be kind.

  • DragonNights

PS: here's a link to the guide lines. https://preview.duolingo.com/guidelines


How sad that you had to write this, and as my good Danish friends would say, good on ya for doing so.


Aside from social justice and national pride, the translation would be better if the 'for' was omitted.


The law allows a marriage between... is just as good


Why does it have to be "for" a marriage and cannot be "a marriage"? Does not mean sense...


It doesn't have to be actually, I left it out and it was accepted, 9-4-21

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