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Immersion, show/hide current translation

Hi all,

Just a thought about translating documents in immersion.

For myself, I'd really like it if I could translate the document without anyone else's translation, then compare mine to the current translation and pick which is best.

I could imagine how it might complicate things, but I thought maybe the page that shows the foreign language document side by side with the native language document, could have the native document pane tabbed, ie, "Current Translation"/ "Your translation". When you submit a sentence on Your Translation, if it's different to Current Translation, it prompts you with the Looks good/Edit pop-up, or "Prefer mine/prefer current".

Anywho, just a thought.

July 21, 2013



The problem with having people translating already translated articles is that it stiffles the productivity of duolingo's immersion section, which revolves around translating first and then having the translated section be approved by multiple linguists.

I had a similiar feeling when i first started with immersion, but if you want to translate from the ground up i suggest going into the new articles section where actual entire translations are necessary. People will then edit your translation and you'll be notified of this in the stream, so you'll still get the second opinion you were looking for.


nods. I see the dilemma. I had thought by having Duo ask you whether you prefer your translation or the current one on a per sentence basis when you submit a sentence it might circumvent that issue and perhaps even prevent people lazily hitting "looks good".

I uploaded a few Spanish docs specifically so I could translate them, though I wasn't sure whether uploading them was being selfish or helpful!

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