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What is the easiest way to type out accents on a non-Swedish keyboard?

As the title says. What is the go-to method for Swedes to access characters with accents no a western keyboard?

December 30, 2014



The answer to that depends at least on your operating system. I use the Xfce DE in Debian and use a compose key for accented characters.


On that note, here's one cheat sheet for Mac. I've found the option-a doesn't actually work for å, so I have to use the hold down the key method for that letter. (That link is to disabling said method; it's enabled by default on recent OSes.)


You can configure your keyboard to use an "international" layout, that is your base layout with "international" (i.e. non-local to you) characters on a second layer, i.e. accessible via right Alt key combinations (labelled AltGr on some layouts).

Here you can find instructions to set up your computer.

This is what the layout looks like for US international:

As you can see Ä is available via AltGr+Q, Å via AltGr+W and Ö via AltGr+P.


On a Mac, you can get access to special characters using a combination of shift, alt/option, and then a symbol. Alt alone will allow you to combine characters by first typing the symbol you want (e.g. ¨) and then the letter you want to apply it to.

For example, to get a ö, I'd hit option-u and then o. Option-u and a will give me ä. And option-a produces å.

Edit: I should add that is is true for American keyboards. The exact keys may vary based on your location, but the process is the same.

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