"Min mamma är dubbelt så gammal som jag."

Translation:My mom is twice as old as me.

December 30, 2014

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so will it always be sa and lika... som?


Yes, you cannot have som…som or anything like that.

  • Det är bra som det kan bli. (It is as good as it gets.)
  • Han tog hälften mycket som jag. (He took half as much as I did.)
  • Han äter lika mycket som en häst. (He eats as much as a horse.)

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Why does "as" change through out the sentence? Is it because one is talking about the mother and the other is talking about "I"


That’s just how this construction is formed in Swedish. English uses as…as whereas Swedish uses så/lika…som. It’s the same with like ”the more the merrier” and those kinds of expressions where English uses the…the but Swedish uses ju…desto, two different words.


Like je...desto in German. I love finding out these similarities. :)


The words are borrowed from Low German, that’s why. :)


That would explain why I'm able to learn Swedish at almost a freakish pace, haha. Thanks!


And zo...als in Dutch! With the similarities between zo/så and als/as.


Brilliant.I love these discussions. Can you possibly tell me what 'the more the merrier' would be, please?


Ju fler desto bättre


I'm a little confused as to why "jag" is used here instead of "mig". Can someone explain?


All of som jag, som mig, and som jag är are fine. We might tend to use som jag a little more often in Standard Swedish while som mig is a little more colloquial but it really doesn't matter which one you choose.


Well I was going to answer with "me." Thanks for teaching me some English grammar. :)


"My mum is twice as old as me" could have been used here too


That's an accepted answer.


hi, why is double not accepted. as an English speaker dubbelt sounds more similar to double than twice . Tack !


True, the words sound alike and are related. But in English you would not say 'My mom is double as old as I am'.


We might say my mum is double my age


Går det bra också? "Min mamma är dubbelt så gammal som vad jag är"


can I say min mamma är två gånger så gammal som jag ?


I don't get it; Why won't is except momma? That's what I wrote...


What's wrong with "My mother is twice the age as I"?


I'm afraid your English is off. The phrase "twice the age as I" is not grammatical. But you could do one of the following:
1. My mother is twice my age.
2. My mother is twice the age that I am.
3. My mother is twice as old as I am.
4. My mother is twice as old as I.

The problem with your proposed sentence is not in the "I am" part. Rather, it is the ungrammatical use of "as" in "twice the age as I (am)". Compare the following:
1. He is twice as old as I am
2. He is twice the age that I am

The grammar changes depending on whether you use an adjective (old) or a noun (age).


Mom or mother- here is difference?


Is my mother invalid?


My other is an invalid = My mother is weak/sick/incapacitated.
"My mother" is invalid = The phrase "my mother" is wrong.

OK, I'm easily amused ...


You are then the same age as your mom was when you were born.

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