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  5. "Él duerme en el piso."

"Él duerme en el piso."

Translation:He sleeps on the floor.

December 30, 2014



Why not 'he sleeps in the flat'?


I'm not sure if Duolingo accepts piso=flat. I've filed a report on it a long time ago. I think that meaning is limited to Spain though so most Spanish speakers in world are going to be thinking floor.


Flat = Piso? En buenos aires, pero no en el resto de argentina.


Piso = Flat is in the definition on the page! They also didn't teach the word piso yet, so how are we supposed to know?


Absolutely. "Piso en alqulier", "Se vende piso", "Busco amigos para compartir un piso."

[deactivated user]

    As nouns the difference between flat and floor is that flat is an area of level ground or of a building (such an apartment) while floor is the bottom or lower part of any room; the supporting surface of a room.


    I answered "he sleeps on the floor" and it told me it was wrong, correcting it to "he sleeps in the flat"... Hmm, glitch?


    I answered "He sleeps on the floor.", and it was accepted.


    That's exactly what I thought. On the floor is 'en el suelo' I think...


    Well, piso is the horizontal flat surface, while suelo is the surface that you can dig in. Of course, the meanings of both are extended to related concepts, hence on the floor could use both. Living on the second/third/... floor obviously is about piso, planting a seedling is about suelo.


    Piso can also be flat or apartment. Please correct in the program.


    If flat or apartment aren't choices, is it really necessary to add multiple meanings...especially this early? Some who use this app are truly beginners, a lot of whom have trouble learning new languages. Maybe later in the more advanced levels?


    Flat is in the list of the definitions


    Voy a hablar en español para que no haya mal entendidos, soy de España y he dado por supuesto que cuando dicen piso quieren decir suelo, pero los de Duolingo tienen que pensar que aquí también hay usuarios hispanohablantes que en ningún momento se plantearían piso como suelo = floor, sino piso como apartamento = flat, apartment; como bien decía tonycollard en el otro comentario.


    I really appreciate the "Almost correct" feature. Honestly, really smart y'all.


    What is "storey", which shows as the correct translation of "piso" in this sentence? That's not English! - Not in America, anyway.


    Storey is a correct English word (at least in Britain!), but it's not correct in this sentence. Someone took it out of a dictionary without being a native English-speaker.


    Storey is British, I think like the floor of a building


    Storey is normally only applied when describing the height of a building - e.g. a four storey building. Within the building, 'level' or 'floor' are more usual. I can't think of any construct like 'He lives on the fourth storey'


    It can occasionally be used it that sense, whilst being grammatically correct, although it can seem to be a form of "proper slang".


    We do use "He lives on the fourth story." It just depends on what the buildings are like where you live. I live near a big city and this is said here.


    We use story the same way in the US. It's just spelled differently.


    What's wrong with "He sleeps on the ground". 'piso = ground' was suggested earlier.


    I think people would understand, but maybe there's a better word for it. Perhaps "Suelo" is a better word for ground. Like if you were show casing elegant wood floors, you wouldn't say Suelo. That's ugly. lol Piso is a more proper word for that situation. Even though at home if you said pick that up off the "suelo" it would be referring to the floor, but obviously it's not the elegant way of saying it.


    Why not "he sleeps IN the floor"?


    I believe that it isn't possible to sleep inside the floor, so the translation probably wants "on" for this case.


    yeah... logic agrees with you


    People on here always think so short sighted. Ok, it may be the only "logical" thing right now; but say it is a different sentence like: "The cat sleeps on the box." verses "The cat sleeps in the box" How would you differentiate between the cat sleeping "in" or "on" the box? You can't answer "because it isn't possible" because they are both possible. In some cases, the difference may be life or death. Explaining something ad hoc, doesn't help out.


    Alexander was not being shortsighted. He was just explaining why "He sleeps in the floor." was wrong, not how to differentiate between "in" and "on".

    If it was, "El gato duerme en la caja.", then "in" and "on" would both be correct--In that case, you can't differentiate; the sentence is ambiguous. If you really needed to differentiate, you could use a different Spanish word, such as "adentro de" ("inside of") or "encima de" ("on top of").


    At the time, he was the only person who commented and he only stated the obvious. I believe lila probably knows you cant sleep in the floor. The problem at hand was how do you differentiate between being in or on something which goes beyond just this example. The answer given added no useful information to the conversation. There are probably many people wondering why the word en is even used at all, because of its ambiguity. If you have to use a different word to make a point clear, why not just use that other word all the time. Keep in mind people reading these posts are learning and trying to explain problems they encounter with formed logic in their heads. I'm sorry you were offended but shortsighted , obvious answers do little to help anyone. Your answer, though unnecessarily diplomatic, did a better job of explaining how you can choose alternate words, but still en could be problematic in some situations.


    "He sleeps in the floor." is correct as well. It is, however, far less common, and because of that may not have been included as a correct translation. Then again, I expect most people who are looking at someone in a bed in a depression in the floor will realise what words to use.


    I was also marked wrong for using flat - piso is indeed Iberian Spanish for flat or apartment!!! Surely floor as used here means story and not what is under your feet. Tighten this one up Duo as you have tightened up your other poor examples!!!!


    "He sleeps in the flat" or "He sleeps in the apartment" should also be accepted, as this would be the meaning for people in Spain!


    why is "He sleeps in the floor" incorrect?


    In English we'd say "on" the floor, not "in" the floor.


    true... otherwise you would sleep inside the wooden floor. The SPLINTERS ARE REAL


    It isn't; it's just so rare that it wasn't included as a translation..


    Why isn't ground accepted?


    I wrote "he sleeps on the ground" and it was incorrect! Why?????


    He is sleeps in the apartment, is also perfectly correct


    Even though I put the correct answer, wouldn't it be "He sleeps in the floor"


    It would be "on" the floor, not "in" the floor. This was already answered in response to @Lila.duolingo's question.


    I saw nothing wrong with "He sleeps in the apartment" ??


    is "en" the only preposition that can be used to say "he sleeps on the floor?"


    I guess. Otherwise your translations come out like e.g. "on top of the floor".


    why not use "sobre" instead?


    I have never heard the word storey before.


    Story or storey means floor in english and I suppose that a flat used to occupy floor in a building so that is the connection. flat = apartment


    Strangely, I like to sleep on the floor. It's actually really comfortable!


    It is. Trust me, I have tried it multiple times. Especially on a hot day lying down on the cool floor.


    Not just because it is hot out though. I just like the hardness of the floor.


    "goes to sleep" should be accepted too if "falls asleep" is accepted. It is the same meaning. "He goes to sleep on the floor" is correct too.


    El Duerme en el piso=he sleeps on the floor. Floor=piso


    I accidentally put "He sleeps in the floor" instead of "He sleeps on the floor" because I was mistaken by the "en" for "in" Lol.


    En means in right?


    'En' means 'in' or 'on', depending on context. Here, it means 'on' if you are referring to sleeping 'on' the floor.


    It does. But it also means "on". And piso also means "flat". Thus "He sleeps in the flat." is OK too.


    Is it that floor - suelo? Piso - flat?


    Not quite. They are both that stuff you walk on. But suelo is really the ground, whereas piso is more the level part of the building. Moles lives in the ground: suelo; humans live in a level of a building: piso.


    "He sleeps in the flat" Is also correct, no?


    Of course 'he sleeps in the flat' is right if you are speaking Spanish, but in some american dialects it may be different!


    In English he sleeps in the floor and he sleeps on the floor are the same.


    huh? in means inside of...


    "el piso" en Español puede tener dos significados:" the floor " y "the flat", y mas lógico suponer que alguien duerme "in the flat" y no "on the floor" The todos modos hay que aceptar las ambas maneras de traducir


    I said "he sleeps on the floor" and its said it was supposed to b "he sleeps on the flat" ??? Why???


    My answer is "He sleeps in the floor" why did duolingo marked it as wrong? It says that the correct answer is "He sleeps in the flat"


    What's the other word for floor? suelo or is it peulo? I'm not sure the exact spelling. And what is the difference between piso and suelo/puelo?


    "Él duerme en el suelo".


    Isn't piso means floor


    Isn't "suelo" another word for "floor?"


    I wish this was completely Spanish rather than South American such as dormia for sleep. Can be very confusing


    Spanish to sleep is dormir. Duo is very cobfusing sometimes


    Dormir not duermir is Spanish for sleep


    ¡Ese es pandilla de piso!


    isnt it a wierd world in which you would say 'only spanish people would say that in spanish' ja ja !


    My version said he sleeps on the story!


    In English in the floor and on the floor have the same meaning.


    No, they certainly don't! You can't sleep 'in' a floor, as you can't get inside a floor. You sleep 'on (top of)' the floor.


    Millions of mice probably disagree. Still, "on the floor" and "in the floor" are indeed not the same thing.


    I made a typo and wrote "He sleeps of the floor" :P


    Hola, I thought "en" meant "in" and isn't it El duerme sobre el piso?"


    It also means that, and "El duerme sobre el piso?" means "The sleeps on top of the flat."


    as it really means he sleeps in the flat, en does mean in!


    Why does it say he sleeps on the storey?


    When I got it wrong, it said the correct solution was he sleeps on the flat... are they mentally unstable?


    There)'s something curious about the way corrections are given. For some reason, the results are not always the most likely alternatives.


    in the basement.


    Reported for abuse. One should not have to sleep on the floor, then in the basement, and in a chair. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    ¡Bueno para él, debe haberlo merecido!


    Try Duolingo in negative colors.


    oops! I wrote "flooo=r"


    El duerme sobreel suelo


    I like to sleep on the floor too... Well not really. Yo duermo en mi cama


    So do I! It's good for your back. :)

    ¡Yo también! Es bueno para tu espalda. :)


    how would he do that the floor is hard .... unless you had a carpet


    I know---- I'm talking technical transalations though

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