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  5. "I like local food."

"I like local food."

Translation:Jeg kan godt lide lokal mad.

December 30, 2014


[deactivated user]

    How acceptable would it be to use "elsker" instead?


    Not as a translation of "like". But "i love local food" is "jeg elsker lokal mad".


    Why two ways of spelling local? I've seen it spelled lokal and lokale


    LokalLokal mad, En lokal park

    LokaleDen lokale mad, de lokale mennesker

    Lokale is used with plurals and definite nouns.


    What Ariel wrote plus:

    Lokalt = locally

    And! These are not be confused with: lokale, lokalet, lokaler, lokalets (faciliteter) which means: room, the room, rooms and the room's (facilities).

    There's also 'lokaliteter' which can roughly be translated to 'attractions'.

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