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Why in Swedish and Danish paragraph no words?

Hi, I'm Daniel, a Swedish and Danish student, I'm going in the level 4 in those languages, however, I don't know why are not the paragraph of words only there home, activity and discussion.

Sorry me for my English, I'm spanish native.

December 30, 2014



Do you mean "Immersion"? If so, then it's because the courses are in beta, once they graduate from beta, then they should also have immersion (although I don't know how guaranteed that is)


I mean the paragraph of words, for example in German and Italian, are 5 paragraphs: Home, Words, Activity, Discussion and Inmersion. While in Swedish and Danish only are 3: Home, Activity and Discussion.

I don't know if you get understand me...


Those courses are still in "Beta". Words and Immersion will most likely be added when the course graduates from beta.


Oh I understand you now. In English we'd call it the "Words tab" or "Words section", but I'm not sure about that, I think that is another feature that will come once the courses come out of beta


Son 'beta', así que no hay 'Words' o 'Immersion' y tendremos que esperar :(

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