"My uncle works in a store."

Translation:Min farbror arbetar i en affär.

December 30, 2014

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Why are both "i en affär" and "på en affär" accepted here, but in the question for "my sister works in a prison" "i" was not accepted?


No, here I’d say only i works, but as you say, many places are constructed with .

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This is probably regional, but I would definitely say "arbeta på en affär", but the most common preposition is i.

We actually did a check to see which one was more common and the results surprised both me and Arnauti. Apparently the most common combinations are

Han arbetar i en affär

Hon jobbar en affär

So preferences change depending on the verb.


That's because you are not from Norrland :)! I was very surprised when I read "på en affär" in another sentence, but then I checked Anrui's profile which says Sundsvall. It explains everything :).

I always say "i en affär" but it does not really make sense, since I use "på" for every single shop I can think of, "på HM", "på IKEA", på "Hemköp" etc.


I don't have a good explanation of why we say e.g. " IKEA". When I start thinking about it, it sounds like we're talking about "on the roof of the bulding". And we are not :)!


Jag pratade med en svensk tjej några dagar sen om hur gick helgen, och jag visste inte om man kan sägas att vara "i en bar" eller "på en bar". Hon berättade för mig att "är du på en bar så är du på taket." Men man fortfarande sägas att arbeta Ikea?! Svenska har ingen betydelse ibland!


Prepositioner är svåra på alla språk, tycker jag. Ibland måste man bara lära sig dem utantill (by heart).

Jag säger "i baren" men "på puben" och det är ju verkligen inte logiskt :):


Might it be something to do with working in a store (the physical building) rather than for a retailer/as a sales clerk? I think that distinction came up with "fabrik".


Still getting used to that one also.... like 'stjärnorna på himlen'.


strange that morbror is not accepted for uncle


I used morbror and it was accepted. Perhaps you had some other error that caused it to be marked as wrong.


What is the difference between "en affär" and "en butik"?

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