Watch live Brazilian TV to improve Portuguese

What are some good websites for watching live Brazilian TV, especially the news? Does Brazil have an equivalent of RTP (Portugal) or the BBC (UK)? Does anyone have any recommendations for the best kinds of programmes to watch (for the purpose of learning Portuguese)?

O que paginas web são boas para assistir a TV Brasileira em Direto, especialmente as noticias? Tem Brasil o equivalente de RTP (Portugal) ou o BBC (Reino Unido)? Tem recomendação das programas boas para assistir (para aprender Português?).

Obrigado para todos!

December 30, 2014


Bom, esses são alguns links de Portais de Notícias no Brasil, para que você conheça:

Globo News:


Band News:


Recomendo o portal da Globo ( pois apresenta interface mais simples. Acho que não há como assistir online, pelo site, mas você pode encontrar vídeos de diversos programas, desde jornalismo aos programas de esporte e entretenimento.

My english isn't very well, so I hope you can understand me in portuguese :) If I remember some programmes that could help you to learn portuguese, I come back.

December 30, 2014

Muito obrigado!

Você deve dizer isn't very good, e não isn't very well, mas seu inglês é muito bom, entendo tudo.

December 31, 2014

Oi! I'm an avid watcher of Globo, the biggest TV channel in Brazil, and usually watch on my laptop since I live in the US. Here is a live link and if its down, I usually google rede globo vivo and find more.

Here is another site that has pretty much every other major channel in Brazil.

December 31, 2014

There are many sites that you can watch the Brazilian TV. If you search in the google "Assistir Tv online ", you will find a lot of pages, and I indicate the cartoon channel, or child programs, because the talk is very simple, and you can understand more and better.

January 1, 2015

I agree with all the suggestions above, and I would recommend also the youtube to watch some Brazilian movies that are available there.

January 3, 2015
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