"Hoje não é quinta-feira."

Translation:Today is not Thursday.

July 21, 2013

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I wrote 'it is not Thursday today' - which is perfectly correct, however this answer wasn't accepted as a correct one.


Well it is not perfect, because although the general meaning is the same you have changed the grammar by replacing the subject with a pronoun that wasn't in the original sentence.


I hate getting new words spoken, how am I suppose to know the word "Hoje" from hearing it without ever reading it. This keeps happening over and over. You need to program a control that no words get spoken until they are read.


I personally like that! It's a challenge for my brain. I get really happy when i realize i'm able to guess the spelling just by listening!


Yeah I love being able to hear it and challenge my phonetic spelling abilities.


Me too im understanding it a lot more


also, it's the natural way people learn languages, first we hear it, then we read it :)


It is pretty cool how close the Portuguese "Hoje" is to the Spanish "Hoy". For me, the days of the week being numbered was harder.


it is really close to the Italian OGGI as well - though not in spelling :-)


Woww... you've been learning so many languages!!! o.O


Aaah well, you see, I couldn't resist learning each new language as they become released. I fear that my progress in Portuguese has definitely slowed down while learning so many. It's even worse than it looks because I am learning languages backwards to English as well. I learn alphabets on Memrise and come back for English from Greek to learn Greek, English from Russian to learn Russian (but now that there is Ukrainian from English I am focusing more on that one and will go back to Russian later,... you name it - I am interested in it. With a good dictionary, I can read in many, but I am conversing in only some of these, as of yet. It is interesting that my fluency in Portuguese is higher than my fluency in German even though I have spent more time on German, but I think that is because my second and third languages are French and Spanish. Of course my English level does not reflect my true English level as it is dependent on translating back and forth to languages that I am learning.

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