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  5. "É hora do almoço."

"É hora do almoço."

Translation:It is lunch time.

July 21, 2013



It is time for lunch.

It is lunch time.


I wrote "it's time for lunch". You corrected me by saying "its lunch time". I am not wrong, that is a proper translation.


although they mean almost the same, I would translate "it's time for lunch" as "É hora de almoçar".


that's true. I guess time for lunch means you actually are going to eat lunch while its lunch time is just a general placement of time relative to your situation and doesn't actually require you to eat.


True, but your answer is still close enough that it should count. BTW, for the future, you can report solutions that should be accepted.


Why is there no article before "hora"?


In this case, "hora" means "time" and it needs no article. Notice that you don't have the article in English either. "É hora de" is an idiomatic expression, it is used to mean "it's time of" or "it's time for".

There is another identical expression (used more in Portugal than in Brazil) that is "Está na hora do almoço". This one uses the article ("na = em + a") because it uses the verb "estar" instead of the verb "ser".


"Está na hora do almoço" é uma expressão muito usada no Brasil também.

Also is acceptable:

É a hora do almoço

Já é a hora do almoço

Despite this "a" is unnecessary


I don't know if other portuguese speaker can give you a proper explanation. The way I see it this sentence works with or without the article.


Can this mean “It’s lunch hour.”, or does that translate to something different?


You can say that, but not with the meaning that lunch lasts exactly one hour. "É hora do almoço" doesn't mean that. "It's lunch time" is the most accurate translation. Check also my other answer.


? It is the lunch hour. Por Que não.....


Why not "time to lunch"?


What is wrong with: é a hora do almoço?


the hour of lunch should be accepted


I always forget when constructing my own sentences that they are organized like this. What would it actually mean if I said..." É almoço hora" instead?


"the lunch hour" marked wrong

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