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  5. "I am staying home tonight."

"I am staying home tonight."

Translation:Ik blijf vanavond thuis.

December 30, 2014



Hi! Could this be translated something like ¨ik ben aan het thuisblijven vanavond¨


Shouldnt vanavond come first?


It also accepts me "Ik blijf thuis vanavond" :)


I think you could also say

Vanavond blijf ik thuis.


Really confused and a bit "upset" as I think it's not consistent to translate an english present continuous phrase "I am staying.." as "Ik blijf..." instead of "Ik ben aan het blijven...". I answered "Vanavond ik ben thuis aan het blijven" and it said it was incorrect. As learned in previous lessons, I would translate "Ik blijf..." as "I stay..." (present simple), and for that reason I did not answer ""Ik blijf vanavond thuis". Am I just wrong with this or is this some sort of exception with this verb?


It's the position of the first verb you got wrong, it should be in the second position

Vanavond ben ik thuis aan het blijven.


Ok, I got it! Thank you!

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