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  5. "Roghnaímid an oifig mhór."

"Roghnaímid an oifig mhór."

Translation:We choose the big office.

December 30, 2014



If one chose the bigger / the biggest office, would that be: Roghnaímid an oifig níos mó / is mó? or would I have to adapt the adjective in any way to the noun?


Why is mhór lenited?


So the lenition is on feminine nouns? Or is the lenition following any direct object or article? I need to read the difficult newspapers. :)


The lenition of an adjective follows a feminine noun, and the DNTLS DTS rule does not apply for attributive adjectives.

Note, that's only the singular. With the plural, lenition depends on if the word ends in a slender consonant, and doesn't depend on the gender of the word.

Some examples:

  • an bhean bhocht - the poor woman
  • an bhean dheas - the nice woman
  • an fear bocht - the poor man
  • an fear deas - the nice man
  • an nuachtán deas - the nice newspaper
  • na nuachtáin dheasa - the nice newspapers
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