"Han hade tagit mina pengar."

Translation:He had taken my money.

December 30, 2014

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What is pengar in singular ? Peng?


Yes, but that would refer to one coin. We mostly use pengar as a mass noun, just like English does.


Thanks! What are notes and coins called ?? And do they have colloquial names like in the uk we have fiver and tener and call pound coins quids


Sure. :)

  • coin = mynt (pl. mynt)
  • note = sedel (pl. sedlar)


  • the enkrona is the smallest denomination, one crown
  • the tvåkrona is the second smallest coin, two crowns; no common colloquial term but that might be since it's a new coin, due in two months
  • the femkrona is five crowns, colloquially femma
  • the tiokrona is ten crowns, colloquially tia

A crown has a hundred ören (sg. öre), but the final coin with öre was removed from circulation only just recently.


  • the tjugokronorssedel is twenty crowns, colloquially tjuga (which is also a kind of pitchfork)
  • the femtiokronorssedel is fifty crowns
  • the hundrakronorssedel is a hundred crowns
  • the tvåhundrakronorssedel is two hundred crowns, alsoe due for release in October
  • the femhundrakronorssedel is five hundred crowns
  • the tusenkronorssedel is a thousand crowns, but rarely used for everyday transactions, and I don't think it's available through ATMs

All notes can be called [value]-lapp colloquially as well - tjugolapp, hundralapp, etc. And of course, there are LOTS of colloquial terms for money in general, as well as regional, sociolectal, and out-of-fashion uses. Making a complete list would be an exercise in futility. But hey, at least it's easier than Cockney rhyming slang. :)


So quids are the actual one pound coins? In Swedish, you can use "spänn" (colloquially) for kronor. It has nothing to do with the coin though.

Hundra spänn just means 100 SEK.


Yep! But only Pound coins. 1p(pee) 2p 5p 20p 50p £1 (a quid) £2 ( 2 quid or 2 Pound.... these coins dont End up in your wallett so much but are very pretty) £5 (fiver) £10(tener) £20(twenty quid) £50(fifty quid but ive only had that note on Me twice in my 18 years of existence !) Basically anything can be called quid except£10 or £50 or anything less than a Pound . Thanks devalanteriel (Mr pingu man im sorry i butchered your name I wrote this on mobile and it goes crazy if i scroll up)


For people from the uk who will say its different... im from Wales and its how it Works here. And no we dont use sheep as currency


Cheers, you're one of the only people ever to get it right without copy-pasting. :)


1son 2 money ☺ what's next ??


Could someone please explain why "He would have taken my money" doesn't work here?

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