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"Bussen stannar vid hållplatsen."

Translation:The bus stops at the stop.

December 30, 2014



Jag trodde att "stanna" menade "to stay"? Should "the bus stays by the stop" also be accepted? For instance, if the bus is being held there to regulate the service?


I can just tell you that stanna can mean both ’stop’ and ’stay’.


Så "the bus stays by the stop" borde ha varit accepterad som ett svar?


I think I'd translate The bus stays by the stop into Bussen blir kvar vid hållplatsen or something like that. We don't really like to use stanna in that sense. If you add a particle, like stanna kvar, it would sound much better.


What would 'bussen stoppas vid hållplatsen' translate to?

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