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  5. "All the letters were opened."

"All the letters were opened."

Translation:Alla breven var öppnade.

December 30, 2014



I am so discouraged tonight. I'm going through these lessons but nothing "clicks." Usually I have some idea of the right word, and I confirm it or get an "aha" moment when I hover over the English word. But in these lessons I am completely lost. I'm not seeing any patterns and therefore am unable to even make educated guesses. Jag känner mig misslyckad i kväll.


Yes and as usual with Duo when a part of the course is not so easy to grasp and requires a little more practice they decide to reduce the number of lessons to a ridiculously low amount, as is the case here where the module has merey five lessons in total to completion!


Would "Alla breven öppnades" be a valid alternative translation?


No sorey, it wouldn't. You see "öppnades" is the past passive tense of the verb öppna. So the translation of "Alla breven öppnades" would be "All the letters are opened"

Good job anyway, got me thinking as well and swedish is the second official language in my country :D


Or more like " All the letters were being opened"


could this be phrased as 'all the letters were opened' meaning plural adjective opened? Would that be öppna? I guess in that case you'd be asking us to translate “all the letters were open".


Yes, the simplest way to see this is that öppnade = opened and öppna = open.


One uses generally unspecified forms of nouns after "alla".


Both are common, as in e.g. alla barnen.

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