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Responding to Edit Suggestions

It would be nice to be able to comment on Edit Suggestions, rather than just Accepting or Rejecting them. JenniferLP suggested an edit to one of my translations, apparently simply changing the spelling of "privatized" to "privatised". This reflects the different spelling conventions in the UK and US - both are correct - but I was unable to discuss that with her!

November 3, 2012



I agree. And I am unable to tell people who keep sending me the same correction that is not mine. It is probably a Duobot translation credited to me. Thanks but no thanks. En Erope...


I think you can send your explanation to someone who suggests a correction . I have no way , as yet , of knowing if it works , since I just tried it 2day . When you go back to the article for which there is a suggestion , you can see the icon of the person who has made the suggestion . If you click on that , you get to a page with their name at the top , which , I hope , allows you to post a comment , and thus you can give your reasoning .You have to do that before editing your sentence , as it disappears !


I was about to post the same question. I don't want to be obnoxious about it and just say "reject"; I want to discuss it. Let us know if your way works, flinda - the problem I see might be identifying what you're talking about!


BethK ....I think perhaps you are right , and it would be tedious to go into a long explanation to let the person know to which phrase or sentence you are referring , why you wrote what you wrote and wether or not you accept the correction ...way too much !


I click on the person's icon, find the edit in their stream and use the comment link under the edit.


Well, the next time it happens I'll see whether I can make your suggestions work. I was completely taken by surprise the first time it happened.

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