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  5. "Ik open het niet."

"Ik open het niet."

Translation:I do not open it.

December 30, 2014



The regular audio on this is impossible to understand. There are no spaces between his words. Do Dutch people really speak like this with no gaps between their words?


Why is "i won't open it" wrong?

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That would be 'Ik zal het niet openen'.


I think xMerrie is wrong. I won't open it means that you refuse to open it, and the given sentence can definitely have that meaning. So I won't open it should be accepted.


When would you use this sentence? (Is this a real Dutch sentence, or just DL?)


I think it can be a normal sentence, it is just somewhat confusing because there is no context. Think of a Christmas present you are not supposed to open until the next morning, or a suspect package you don't want to come near. Or if it's someone else's job to open the door, not yours. That's also why it's not clear if this is a "I don't" or "I won't" situation, imho.


I won't open it means "I will not open it". Which is more or less a future tense and we're still dealing mainly with present tenses. so translations are either;

"I do not open it" or "I don't open it".

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