"The woman writes to the boys."

Translation:La donna scrive ai ragazzi.

July 21, 2013



"Ai: is plural, since "ragazzi" is plural. It's short for "a i ragazzi."

July 21, 2013


To be more specific: "al"=a+il, while "ai"=a+i

You use "ai" on "ragazzi" because it takes the "i" definite article.

"zii" (uncles), for example, is also plural, but you use "agli"(=a+gli) on it as a prepositional article.

Similarly, you say "allo zucchero", "all'uovo" (both singular), etc.


The same goes for all other prepositional articles:

• nel=in+il, nella=in+la, nello=in+lo, negli=in+gli..

• del=di+il, delle=di+le, degli=di+gli..

• sul=su+il, sull'=su+l', sui=su+i..

July 31, 2013


I don't understand why "gli zii" is correct, since zii doesn't start with a vowel. Is it an exception?

February 1, 2016


"Gli" is also used before plural nouns that begin with "z", "s + a consonant", "ps", "gn" and "y" because it is the plural form of "Lo".

February 14, 2016


Thank you!

July 21, 2013


I wrote "alle" instead of "ai" and got it wrong. Is "alle" a feminine plural?

December 26, 2014


Why is it not scriva?

July 25, 2014


Because it's not a verb that ends in -are

December 27, 2014


what is the difference between 'ai' and 'al'?

July 21, 2013


ai is used for words that go with the article i, and al is for those that go with il

May 2, 2014


I just want to let everyone know that i accidentally said "la donna scrive ai panini." It pays to watch what youre doing, kids! Hahaha

June 17, 2017


lets hope the woman writing to the boys is not some creep

October 11, 2018


I don't why but I I hoping the woman knows those kids she's writing tho. xD

October 21, 2018


So when do you know when they mean "children" or "boys"

November 8, 2018


In Italian when you have a group of all girls, you use ragazze. If it's all boys or a mix of boys and girls you use ragazzi.

This goes for all group words in Italian. A group of 5 women and 1 man is grammatically masculine. Without context you wouldn't immediately know whether there are girls in the group or not.

November 27, 2018
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