"Min son vill bli konstnär."

Translation:My son wants to be an artist.

December 30, 2014

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Is there a difference between the meanings of "en konstnär" and "en artist" or are they synonyms? (For example in Finnish the word "artisti" is usually used to mean exclusively a musical artist , and I am wondering if it is the same in Swedish)


Yes, en artist is a stage performer, but en konstnär might be a painter, or a sculptor or the like.


Oh, I thought it was the other way around. Thanks! (Even if you were helping someone else.)


I think that my translation: my son wants to BECOME an artist shoul be accepted. If not can you please explain why? it would be greatly appreciated.Both swedish dictionaries I have transnslate beocome into bli.


In German there's a very similar compound word. "Kunstnarr" means art enthusiast with a very similar pronunciation as the Swedish "konstnär". I wonder if there's any connection between those two.


i doubt that there is one, as "Kunst-Narr" is a modern, non official word

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