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  5. "Min son vill bli konstnär."

"Min son vill bli konstnär."

Translation:My son wants to be an artist.

December 30, 2014



Is there a difference between the meanings of "en konstnär" and "en artist" or are they synonyms? (For example in Finnish the word "artisti" is usually used to mean exclusively a musical artist , and I am wondering if it is the same in Swedish)


Yes, en artist is a stage performer, but en konstnär might be a painter, or a sculptor or the like.


Oh, I thought it was the other way around. Thanks! (Even if you were helping someone else.)


In German there's a very similar compound word. "Kunstnarr" means art enthusiast with a very similar pronunciation as the Swedish "konstnär". I wonder if there's any connection between those two.


i doubt that there is one, as "Kunst-Narr" is a modern, non official word


I think that my translation: my son wants to BECOME an artist shoul be accepted. If not can you please explain why? it would be greatly appreciated.Both swedish dictionaries I have transnslate beocome into bli.


why I have to translate an in english??


English wants it, but Swedish doesn't.


In French it's optional, I believe. So much to remember!


Strangely enough I'd say "... devenir UN artiste", it sounds odd without the "un". But for the other professions, it's okay without it haha


It's the same in German. You may say "Mein Sohn will Künstler werden." or "Mein Sohn will ein Künstler werden." There is no difference.

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