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"This is not just regular alcohol."

Translation:Questo non è semplicemente alcol normale.

July 21, 2013



I don't understand the adjectives. Sometimes they want them before the noun, sometimes after.


They can often be interchanged, but the order of the words depends on which one is more important in the sentence: in Italian the last one is the most significant. For example: "questo è un bicchiere piccolo" anyone can see that it is a glass, you want to point out that it is small. viceversa "questo è un piccolo bicchiere" has the same meaning but with focus on the glass (maybe it seems something different). They're both correct, it is an undertone. For this reason the adjectives usually follow the noun: it's more frequent that they are important.

On the other hand, sometimes putting the adjective to the other side changes the meaning of the words, for example: grande casa = great house, casa grande = big house or vecchio amico = the old friend, l'amico vecchio = the friend who is old.

Sorry for my bad English: I'm Learning...


thanks for the explanation, and your english was flawless.


So now, for the word "regular", regolare is wrong but normale is correct???

[deactivated user]

    Why does "soltanto" not work for "just"?


    I agree, or solamente... I feel like saying "semplicemente" for "just" is a bit overkill.

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    ...questo è alcol M&S ;)


    One of the drop-down options was "benzina alcol"! Holy cats!!! Don't go near the stuff!!!


    Quindi cos'è? Se lo bevi, forse diventi un mostro a sette teste?


    Doesn't qualsiasi express the same meaning?


    Seems to freeze my screen. Why?

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