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Swedish online forums

Do you know of any online forums that are entirely in the Swedish language? They can be about any subject, I just think it would be cool to get interested in a new forum while also practicing my new language skills.


December 30, 2014



For example https://www.flashback.org/ I think this is the biggest, most active online Swedish community forum


Yeah, just know that flashback is internet subculture. You'll find diskussions of nazi propaganda, drugs, sex, crime, you name it. But there are also normal discussions. These guys take freedom of speech seriously. You have been warned,


I talked to my Swedish friend about it, he said: "I am not a member but I definitely recommend you Flashback if you have not browsed it yet. It is Sweden's biggest forum (tror jag) and the topics are about anything. I can google politics, culture or a good to cook chicken and I will probably find a thread there."

Seems interesting, but how crazy is it? Is it just occasionally weird or is it near the insanity of /b/?


There are some pretty nasty people in the threads about politics and immigration. Lots of racist, sexist, homophobic ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ there (on Flashback in general, not only in those subjects). There's also a subcategory for pedophilia. Yup. And a thread about wanting to rape women. People can talk about literally anything there, so it can be pretty gross... but if one stays out of those kind of threads it's generally great! It can be incredibly interesting, helpful, thoughtful, maddening, so funny that your stomach starts hurting from laughing or anything!


Are you already a member of a more general forum like reddit or Ravelry? Big general sites often have region- and language-specific boards.


No, I'm only on a few topic specific forums.


http://www.pokeplaza.se/forum/index.php Here's a pokemon forum which unfortunately doesn't look too active.

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