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"Brevet skriver ikke sig selv!"

Translation:The letter does not write itself!

December 30, 2014



Why isn't 'The letter isn't going to write itself' accepted?


I'm new to Danish as well, so take this with a grain of salt. "isn't going to" is simple future. "does not" is simple present. Now future is usually not marked in Danish, so technically the sentence could imply future? However, it would usually do so by using modal verbs like "vil" - e.g. "Brevet vil ikke skrive sig selv!"


You are right about the simple present and simple future. But right now I'm learning Danish in Denmark and when you use the word 'vil' it actually means 'would like to' instead of 'will'. So you're sentence would actually mean 'The letter would not like to write itself!'.


It wasn't accepted because it hadn't been added yet, but I have added it now seeing as it is correct


As i know,when "vil"is alone with verb then just mean will. but "would like to" in danish is "vil gerne" .so "the letter would not like to write itself" in danish will be" brevet vil ikke gerne skrive sig selv"


You'll learn in future lessons that when you want to use 'vil' as 'will', you have to refer to a time in the future in the same sentence. For example, 'I will do it on Tuesday'. :) But keep in mind, 'vil' alone can also mean 'would like to'.


Others have explained the use of "vil" - simple future without reference to a specific time correctly uses the verb "at ske" so "The letter will not write itself" would be "Brevet skal ikke skrive sig selv".

However "The letter is not going to write itself." would probably be translated as "Brevet kommer ikke at skrive sig selv" (lit. The letter does not come to write itself).


*Except in the Harry Potter universe, amirite?


Why is "the letter doesn't write itself" wrong?


Are both 'sig' and 'selv' needed together for it to make sense?


apparently yeah. but then again, im sure the viking change that in the next level

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