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"Att vara soldat är ett farligt yrke."

Translation:Being a soldier is a dangerous profession.

December 30, 2014



Why is "to be a soldier is a dangerous profession" wrong?


I'm not a native English speaker so I'll defer to them, but personally I don't think that sounds like entirely idiomatic English. I feel like the gerund would be preferred in this context.


You are correct. It sounds a bit weird. The gerund is a much better fit.


Why is an article before soldat not required? En/ett soldat?


Germanic languages typically don't use articles with professions.


You never need an article, en/ett, between the verbs att vara and att bli and the following noun.


It's like if you say : 'Being pregnant can be rough.' You don't say: 'Being a pregnant can be rough.' It's similar in English. Hope that helped.


This is a different situation as one would never put an article before and adjective in either language. This has to do with most germanic languages not using articles before professions.


Could 'perilous' also work as an equivalent to 'farligt'?


I would say so, yes.


I wrote it right. something is wrong in the system..


If you could share a screenshot + info about what system you're using, we could report it to Duo.


I tried "Being s soldier is a dangerous business." It didn't like that one. How would my sentence be said?


Not counting the typo, I think that's a bit too different from the original sentence in terms of vocabulary to be accepted. It's hard to say since Sweden doesn't really have a direct equivalent to "business" in the meaning of "a particular situation or activity" (which I'm assuming is the meaning you're getting at), but maybe "Att vara soldat är en farlig sak."

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