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Possible to re-set when Duolingo day begins?

I started with Duolingo yesterday on a whim at 11:30pm EST. Now that is the time when the Duolingo "day" rolls over. I'd much rather have the day roll over at a reasonable time, like 5pm EST because once the holiday ends I'll be (should be) in bed before 11:30pm. Is there any way to re-set when the Duolingo "day" begins?

I know I could just not practice this calendar day, let the Duolingo day roll over and then get to it tomorrow at 5-7pm EST before the Duolingo day ends, but that feels like cheating because in reality I've got a whole day without practicing!

December 30, 2014



Your day starts and ends at midnight in the time zone you were in when you first registered for Duo (EST). This, AFAIK, cannot be changed.


Thanks! I was confused because I was up so late, but it makes perfect sense that it would roll over at midnight and wouldn't be changeable. I guess I was up later than I though!

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