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Glitch with Timed Practice.

Today I strengthened V. Pres. 1 (French) with Timed Practice.

The bar was 4/5 before the lesson. After the lesson, the bar went down and became 3/5.

I didn't get any questions wrong and I beat the time limit.

Does anyone know why this is happening or if anyone else has reported this?

Thanks, Pixelized

December 31, 2014



It could be a glitch. But, running alternative scenarios through my head makes me wonder if something that didn't appear in Timed Practice was on the cusp of dropping, and if the aspects that were weakened didn't show up in the Timed Practice for that session. (It happens. That's why sometimes it takes 5 rounds of Timed Practice to gild something. Just brain storming though.


The algorithm probably got distracted by your super cute avatar and messed up.

(I don't know, sorry. Your avatar really is adorable though!)

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