"Vi badade i havet."

Translation:We swam in the sea.

December 31, 2014

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What is the difference between badar och simmar?


Bada means either 'to take a bath' or 'to go for a swim'.


Havet is 'the sea', how would one write 'the ocean'?...Tack.


That'd be "the sea" too in most cases. Sjö and hav don't translate perfectly to sea and ocean. For example:

The Pacific Ocean = Stilla havet

The Red Sea = Röda havet

The Baltic Sea = Östersjön

Furthermore, sjö can also mean lake and is used for many of the Swedish lakes of various size.


When badade can mean bath or swim, makes communication difficult for without context, this written sentence fails to clearly communicate its meaning. It's no wonder why wars have been so easily started.

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