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How to divide swedish words into syllables? What r the rules of it?

I've learn some latin languages and if I use their common rules which r almost the same as them in english to divide swedish words, it seems a bit confusing... Like the word 'flicka' in swedish which means girl, I divided it as flic-ka. But is it right? Actually I am looking for some god people to tell me the whole rules, thanks!

December 31, 2014

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I think usually ck go together... fli-cka is how I'd divide it. You don't say... flic.......ka. You say fli-cka. The hard c/k/ck sound is only heard once, not twice.

We don't even learn the rules in English for dividing syllables, other than in 1st grade when we learn to "sound out words" we don't know how to spell.

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