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  5. "The rice is mine."

"The rice is mine."

Translation:O arroz é meu.

July 22, 2013



minha is mine or just my???


Minha is my and mine. In Portuguese we have feminine and masculine words. Minha is my/mine for feminine words and meu for masculine ones.


Ahhh that makes at lot more sense. So meu for masculine and minha for feminine?? Thank you!


when do we use o and when do we use a? e.g o arroz instead of a arroz?


We use o for masculine words and a for feminine words

Arroz is a masculine word so we use o instead of a


can i ask, sometimes is is just e, sometimes is esta. This came up to use esta, i've only just started seeing it so used it and it was marked wrong. What is the difference please.

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