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"Jag vill ha en man att räkna med."

Translation:I want a man to count on.

December 31, 2014



After discussing with a native English speaker I accept that my translation "I want a man to rely on" has a slightly different meaning to it than "count on" does; "rely" indicates a neediness, which "count on" doesn't.


I would have translated I want a man to rely on back into Jag vill ha en man att lita på.


That's interesting. This native English speaker cannot see such a distinction. They mean exactly the same to me.


How would you say "I want a man to count with"?


This is my question as well


Can "depend on" please be added as an acceptable answer?


Well, my native Swedish friend says this sentence is Grammarly correct. But nobody would say like that. It's really weird. Either you mean you want to have someone to count math problem with, or you should say "Jag vill ha en man att lita på".


I am sorry, but your friend is wrong. It's a perfectly normal phrase, even if your friend does not use it. Besides, att lita på and att räkna med do not mean the exact same thing, though they are similar.


This sentance is understandable but incomplete. Needs that I can count on. Or are you uaing him like a table to count you money??


Do you want a man to keep counting or a man that you can count on? I think the infinitive is not the best English translation. And now I read here the Swedish sentence does not really make sense either ...?


It's in the sense of "I want a man on whom I can count."

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