"Du liknar min bror."

Translation:You look like my brother.

December 31, 2014

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Maybe resemble would be a better translation.


I honestly don't know the difference. ^^


What I mean is that liknar refers to similarity, but doesn't necessarily have to do with how somebody looks, although this is a very natural translation too. But just because somebody liknar min bror, it doesn't necessarily mean that they ser ut som min bror:


I think I got it, thanks.


If this is the case, I'm confused as to why "You are like my brother" was an incorrect translation


And I realize I should clarify that visual similarity is indeed the most likely interpretation of liknar. I just meant that it is not necessarily about that. Just like resemble in English can be about other characteristics too.


You are like my brother is an exact match for Du är som min bror and I think it's a bit too far from the meaning here. (because the similarity is much stronger in are like than in liknar/resemble.)


@RabbieY maybe you could clarify exactly what isn't correct? It isn't clear what comment you're responding to.


I still dont understant the difference between Ser ut som and Liknar..


So you can use 'liknar' to refer to similarity in appearance but also in personality, but its not neccessarily a strong resemblence. You can use 'är som' for personality (?) but it's stronger than with 'liknar'. And 'ser ut som' is only about resembling somebody or something in appearance.

Please correct me if I don't understand


I would also say "resemble" would be a better translation. I'm assuming the meaning is similar to the German sayjng "Er gleicht seinem Bruder" which does not necessarily have to mean he looks like him.


I had the same thought about the German "gleichen". Maybe "ähneln" would be an even better translation though, it's broader and even less about looks.


How about "you resemble my brother"?


Is that sentence comparable to the german "Du gleichst meinem Bruder."? It seems to be pretty much the same I think.

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