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  5. "Le mie camicie sono bianche."

"Le mie camicie sono bianche."

Translation:My shirts are white.

December 31, 2014



Camice (cámice : accent on the first syllable) is a medical white coat, and we spell it ca-mi-ce. Camicie (camície : accent on the second syllable ) is the plural of camicia and we spell it ca-mi-cie.


This has been a wonderful enlightening. BUT, WHEN do I write "white" with a "Ch and when only just "c"?


The masculine singular 'bianco' and the feminine singular 'bianca' are spelled with just a C. However, if you spelled the plurals as 'bianci' and 'biance' the "k" sound of the C would change to a "ch" sound (because in Italian, 'ci' or 'ce' is pronounced with a "ch" sound: "bee-an-chee" and "bee-an-chay"). Therefore to maintain the "k" sound you add an H to make 'bianchi' ("bee-an-kee") and 'bianche' ("bee-an-kay"). :)


Why is it BIANCHE, with a h, and not BIANCE, without it?


It's in order to preserve the /k/ sound. > "bianco" and "bianca" have a /k/ for the "c" (because "o" and "a" are back vowels) > The added "h" in "bianchi" and "bianche" is a buffer so that "c" will keep the /k/ sound, since "c" followed directly by the front vowels "i" and "e" would lead to a /tʃ/ sound (palatalization). * That way, all 4 forms maintain a more similar pronunciation (just the crucial final vowel varies, for agreement).


Italian is not like English. In Italian, ch = the sound of the English K


It is a grammar rule.
You have to study it.


Can we say, that camicia is shirt, maglia - tee shirt?


The H changes the pronunciation of the C. Without it the C would be like the one in "ciao".


I may be wrong, but here it is: shouldn't the word camicie be spelled camice? There are two logical options here: 1) We insist on keeping the penultimate i in camicia, spell the plural camicie, and pronounce it ca-mi-ci-e 2) Keep the current pronuciation ca-mi-ce, and spell it the same: camice.


How would I know that it was actually shirts not shirt???


Shirt = camiciA. Shirts = camiciE. :)


Great lesson (in Spanish) on Italian colors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtnWQMjYf9k


Our skirts are yellow. My shirts are white. Definitely getting a Catholic school vibe.


Can someone explain how to conjugate the color?

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