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At what point do you find a conversation partner?

I know the answer to this question is "as soon as possible" but realistically at what point would you say it makes sense to find a native speaker of the language you are learning to converse with. I am at 52% comprehension of the Spanish language according to DuoLingo but I want to make sure that if I find a conversation partner that I am making it worth our time and I am not constantly looking up words or asking them to slow down.

3 years ago

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Well, I have to admit, it's a tough decision to make for yourself, because even though duolingo says 52%, deep in your brain you say, "well wow, I'm really not feeling like that..) I feel the same way currently about Italian, even now, when I get stuck I have to look up some things, and I try to memories them on the spot so I wouldn't forget it next time.
So to give you an honest answer, I think you should FIND one now, if you did not already, and start to get to know what your convo. partner wants.
(you never want to choose a conversation partner that does not match your style of "person" or your character, because you might loose all hope in conversing with that person.)
The whole "choosing" thing takes time, and when I was learning Spanish a few years back, I had a bigger problem after finding a partner, we did not know how to converse, and what to talk about!
You will soon figure out that it's not just about talking to the other person, take this example...

(Your name is Ben, and Partners is Chad.)
(Possibility one Slowness)
Ben: Hello Chad!
Chad: Hola Ben, como estas?
Ben: Bien, y tu?
Chad: Bueno, Qué que te gusta!
Ben: Umm - Hold on a second,... me gusta....

(Possibility two NOT a match)
Ben: Hello Chad!
Chad: Hola, me llamó Chad, y me gusta comer zapatos!
Ben: Umm, bueno?!?

(Possibility three The one who only talks your language)
Ben: Hola Chad!
Chad: Hello Ben!
Ben: Como estas Chad! (Is that right?)
Chad: I'm good! BTW, do you want to tell me about....
Ben: Sure!......
Chad: Thanks How about....
Ben: Ok!..... can I ask you something now?
Chad: Hold on... How about////

Well, the possibilities are infinite, but they are just some example of why you should look for the right partner first, before you decide to quit.

Finally, because it's a really hard thing to know WHEN, you are ready, and because it's tough for one to explain the level needed, I say CLICK HERE ! This is a course on the website "Memrise". It's Basic Fast Spanish, and probably all you need so that you can learn more from a native. Practice this course, as well as duolingo daily, and you will be able to speak is much more better by yourself! ( That means you wouldn't have to look up words when talking to you partner.) :)
I truly hoped that helped, and If there is anything else you want to know, just reply! - SM

3 years ago