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How do you work through the lessons

I was wondering about how people work through the lessons. You can explain in detail however you work it, but I'm concerned basically with two things. First of all, I guess you can fall within a spectrum, but sort of your either a person who give each question a seconds worth of thought and answers what you can quickly and depends on repetition for learning, or you could take each question slowly and exhaust all thought trying to figure the translations out and depends on deep concentration for leaning. Also I was wondering if again this could be within a spectrum, but do you do lesson after lesson non stop, and are force to do them over and over again because the old words trip you up, Or do you finish a lesson and continue practising it til you feel you've learned it practice old lessons periodically and then each new lesson is easy since because the new words would be fresh in your mind along with the old?

I think a while for each question and just go lesson to lesson. I feel I should switch it up.

July 22, 2013



I do a new lesson once I feel I'm comfortable with what was given to me in the previous lesson. If I'm not comfortable, I practice until I am.


I try to test out as much as possible even if I cannot remember most of the vocab because the grammar/tenses that I want to practice with are at the very bottom of the charts :\


There are two types of questions. The first are the trivial ones, and in that case I answer as fast as my fingers let me type. The second is the type of questions that there is a new concept, new grammar or vocabulary. In this case I search an online dictionary, check verb conjugation, or read the articles I can find on the subject (on http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/French and french.about.com or any other link that I find on the subject with google search). Of course, if there is something nontrivial in the question, or when I make a mistake, after I answer I also read the discussions. There is often quite interesting information there.


When doing a new lesson, I give each new concept or word thought. I have a notebook I write vocabulary and other things down in for studying when I am away from my computer, and also make flash cards after the lesson of new words. The flash cards I don't even put a translation for on the back, I mainly use them to help me learn what the gender of words are. Then I put them somewhere I will see them frequently.

I don't do many new lessons at a time. Usually only one, though sometimes I will do another later in the day if I feel I've got the first one down already.

Practice is different. I try to get the answer as quickly as I can, though I don't usually do timed. If I get something wrong, I pause to figure out what I did, and repeat the correct answer a few times.

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