"Du läser tidningarna."

Translation:You are reading the newspapers.

December 31, 2014

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Are there verb conjugations in the Swedish language?


Not for person, but for tense.


Could anyone please explain why the translation: "You read the newspapers." is wrong? They want present continuos, but throughout all other lessons, my answer was accepted...


If I was to put a question mark at the end of this sentence, does it work as "Do you read the newspapers?"


No, but it would work much the same as You read the newspapers? Swedish can make questions just by using intonation in the spoken language in a similar way as English. Sometimes we add e.g. at the beginning to clarify that it is a question, but the same thing happens in English too.
In order to make a real question, the verb needs to go first: Läser du tidningarna?


So in order to create the definite plural of a noun, is it safe to say that you take the indefinite plural of that noun and then either add the -na or the -en suffixes to it? -na being more commonly used that -en.


Nope, it's a bit more complex than that. Read the lesson's instruction.


I hear "tidningarna" as tidninananana


It's correct on my end though.


Why is it "Newspapers" and not just newspaper?


tidningarna is the plural form; tidningen is the singular.


Thought it was newspapers


I got it as wrong. And correction was the word magazines instead of newspapers as I wrote. Is tidning tje word for newspaper and magazine?? Then I should not have it wrong!


We can use tidningarna for both. Unfortunately, when you make an error, Duolingo isn't always smart enough to show you what's the closest to what you wrote.


What's an easy way to tell when it's "THE newspapers" or when it's just "newspapers"? It trips me up all the time


-na is almost always an indicator of definite plural, while -ar is usually an indefinite plural.


How important is "the" in this or similar statements? Thanks


Mandatory, generally speaking, if the source sentence is in the definite.


I got 1 little detail wrong and it said the hole thing was wrong so can you fix it?


You're generally allowed one typo per word as long as it doesn't turn the word into another word. What exactly did you enter?


Läser should be "are reading" and läsa should be "read" At least l thought so But l wrote "you are reading the newspapers" and duolingo said it was wrong! Anyone knows about this?


Swedish doesn't make a difference between "you read" and "you are reading", so du läser translates to both. The word läsa is the infinitive form and hence not applicable here.

"You are reading the newspapers" is accepted here, so if you were marked wrong, you either had a spelling error and didn't notice - or there was a bug.


I wrote "You read newspapers" and I was wrong. I want to understand that what is signifying that it is "The Newspapers" and not just "Newspapers"


Swedish uses a definite suffix, in this case -na, to denote the definite. So:

  • newspapers = tidningar
  • the newspapers = tidningarna

We do use a definite article as well, but only if there's an adjective involved too.

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