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  5. Streak Freeze didn't work. :-(


Streak Freeze didn't work. :-(

I had a migraine Tuesday / Wednesday & by the time I got home from visiting relatives on Tuesday there was no way I could look at a screen. However, knowing I had a streak freeze in place I thought I would keep my streak. But yesterday, Duo told me I had a 0 day streak! It's not a huge loss because I didn't have a long streak (about 10 days), but I was concerned that my son's nearly 150 day streak might suffer the same fate!

Is this anything to do with the new strength bar? If I buy a further streak freeze is it likely to work? (I do mainly use them to cover my migraines).

I raised this in the general forum & it doesn't seem to be a common problem but are you able to help by reinstating my streak or letting me know what went wrong. Regards.

December 31, 2014



I haven't had any issues using the streak freeze, so I don't know why it didn't work for you. I suggest moving this discussion to the Troubleshooting forum, and emailing support if you are concerned about having your streak returned. Either way, if there was some glitch in the system, it is best that duolingo knows about it so they can address it.


Thanks for the info - is there some way I can actually move this conversation, or do I just write a new thread & put a link in to this one?


All you have to do to move this discussion is click 'edit' on your main post and change "post to:" to "troubleshooting".


Are you sure it was still available? It may have been used several days earlier.


Pretty sure, I checked it before we went away (3 days ago) as I can't always get online there, but I did & my chart shows that I've met my goal all this week, except yesterday.


I had a similar experience over the Thanksgiving holiday, though I think in my case Duolingo wasn't to blame-- I had my daily goal set pretty high and in my tired-after-travel-and-headache funk, I didn't notice that I hadn't completed enough exercises to meet my goal (attempting translation wasn't even an option the way I felt). So, I can't answer your question, but have a lingot to get you started again.


Know how you feel - I've put my goal right down to 10XP which slightly defeats the object of having it, but it does mean that when I am really struggling like that I might just manage 1 easy level & I'm less likely to loose my streak!


thanx now i know i wont do that


It has happened to me before and it is very demotivating, especially if you have a long streak. In fact, I quit playing for some time when it happened, because I felt that my efforts had gone wasted and I didn't see a point in trying to keep a streak that could suddenly be lost for no apparent reason.

Anyway, I've come to the colclusion that one of the factors that might cause it is the time difference, if you travel between countries. Moreover, if you use both the android app and the website, there are occasions when one of them might not update, so you need to be extra careful.

Good luck with your streak and happy learning!

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