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"Hvordan kan jeg vide deres adresse?"

Translation:How can I know their address?

December 31, 2014



Does this sentence mean what it says and could be said as an angry response meaning 'How am I supposed to know?!' or is it a serious question meaning something like 'How can I learn their address?'


It would most often be a kind way, but is a less common way of saying it in my opinion.


then the English sentence should be 'how could I know their address?'.

The solutions given suggest that this is a philosophical question, or that someone is surprised to find they know an address.

can anyone confirm that this is the correct interpretation of the sentence


"how do I find out their address"?


Yes, I also think it means "how can I get to know their adress?" Learn what their address is. I am not a native Danish speaker, but I sense that this is the meaning.

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