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Could i just ask for a word like 'cosaint' do i sound the 'a' is it [cosa-int] with a slight touch of the a or is it just [cos-int] And what is the general rule of pronunciation when two vowels come together? I should really know this and i do for some words but for others not really :/

December 31, 2014



I think it's just [cos-int], because that other vowel is a filler to balance out the broad vowel at the start.

My general impression is that if you have "vowel - consonant - 2 vowels", of the two you pronounce the one that is the opposite (broad/slender) of the initial one on the left side of the consonant. I could be wrong, though...


The best thing to do is to use focloir.ie - that's what my teacher uses in class, and it has each of the three dialects. but not knowing how to pronounce a few words isn't the end of the world(:


i know i often use foclóir


It depends where you're from the pronunciation if different parts of the country is very different I am from the north of the country and would pronounce it cus anch


I'd agree with Tanager's "cos-int", as for other combinations, "ao" is generally pronounced like a broad a, though the initial letter would have a w sound afterwards, so "caol" (narrow) is pronounced "quail", and baol (danger) as "bwail".


I don't think that there is a right answer here it just depends on what dialect of Irish you learn and that is the one you should stick to

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