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I'm getting all questions right, but no categories are strengthened?

I'm on a mission to get my Spanish tree back to solid gold, but I've noticed that I only seem to get credit for strengthening words the first time I hit "practice." After that, nada.

Even if I click on a specific lesson to strengthen and get every answer correct, it will just stay at 4/5 instead of moving to 5/5.

Just wanted to check if this was normal or a glitch??

December 31, 2014



It is normal if there are a lot of week words.

All hypothetical numbers (I do not know how many words need to be strong/weak for a skill to decay):

-Say you have 20 decayed skills and in each skill 5 words are weak.

-If you get 20 sentences in a practice you will have strengthen a maximum of 20 different words (probably less because they may repeat).

-If there is one very weak word in each skill, each of these 20 words could theoretically be from a different skill.

-In this case you still would not have strengthened a skill, because there are still 4 weak words in this skill.

  • EDIT: the same can even happen if there is just one skill with many weaker words - but this should be easier to solve if you practice that skill a number of times. I.e. I would focus on one skill and maybe do 4-5 lessons for it. If this still does not strengthen it THEN I would be concerned

If you repeat this procedure enough times, as some point the skills get strengthened but it might just take a while.


That makes sense. :) Thanks!

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