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Translation section problem

Having a problem with the translation in some categories. In some categories, it seems to get stuck on one translation assignment. It just has me translate or rate sentence after sentence. I know I'm not great at Spanish, but some of the sentences are simple and I'm pretty sure they should be accurate enough to pass the filter (I even checked a few with Google translate and one with a Spanish speaking friend so it seems to legitimately be stuck in a loop of some sort). I can't go on in those categories. When I give up and go back to the menu it has the translation I just worked on (translating sentence after sentence) as not complete and when I try to do it again, it gets stuck in the same neverending loop of translation. It doesn't tell me the translations or ratings are wrong. It says thanks and sends me to another statement. Anyone else notice this problem?

November 4, 2012



this should be fixed now.


can you fix this for me too? :)


had the same problem - asked for help on feedback - got a reply that it would be fixed next day - tried again 2 days later - still same problem and contacted them again - I then decided to test out of skill which ended that loop


I have the same problem now. I will try again tomorrow.


I have the same problem. Am stuck in "real life translation" in Basics 2. Can't open up any other chapters in Basics 2. What to do?

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