"Jag känner frid."

Translation:I feel at peace.

December 31, 2014

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    I like that in Swedish "to feel" can also mean "to know"! Getting philosophical here but sometimes feelings can be the best thing to follow :)


    Actually, as far as I know at least German (kennen), Dutch (kennen), French (connaître), Spanish (conocer), Portuguese (conhecer), Danish (kender) and Norwegian (kjenner) work the same way with knowing people. English is the odd cousin, as usual. :D


    Hmm? Spanish has a separate verb, sentir, which means "to feel (an object)" (and sentirse, the reflexive form, to mean "to feel (a feeling)"). Conocer means "to know of" or "to be acquainted with". I don't believe there's any case in which conocer and sentir are interchangeable.


    Vad om ordet "Fred" ? Liksom Petra Marklund's låt, som heter Fred


    Fred is peace as in the opposite of war, while frid is peace as in some calm and quiet.


    what about "lugn"?

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    Lugn means calm.


    Is this why 'I know peace' is not correct?


    Yes. Känner is know only with people.


    So presumably this would be "Jag vet frid"?


    This is quite similar to the Dutch words for it: "vrede" has the same meaning as "fred" (and is a noun), while "vredig" is similar to "frid" (and is an adjective).


    In Swedish though, the word vrede means 'wrath, anger'. Of course v is pronounced as v in Swedish which makes all the difference :)


    Woah, okay, those words are definitely not interchangably for Dutch and Swedish :P. Considering the pronounciation, it kind of looks like the Dutch word "wreed", which means "cruel". I'll try to remember it that way.


    Why is this känner and not känner mig?


    känner mig is for how you feel (using adjectives) – when you could say I feel happy or I am happy – that would be jag känner mig glad. You're describing yourself, so you need the reflexive form.
    känner is for feelings you feel (using nouns) – when you could say things like I experience happiness or I am overwhelmed by happiness or whatever – in those cases you are describing a feeling that you are experiencing, not yourself, so you don't use the reflexive form of the verb.


    I understand all of that except for a feeling that you are experiencing, not yourself. I don't exactly understand what you mean by not yourself. Could maybe try and rephrase that?


    Yeah, I can see now I wasn't very clear. I meant, you're not describing yourself. You're describing a feeling.


    Where does "känns" fit into all of this?


    känns describes how an object feels to another person.
    There's a little more about it in the post on deponent verbs: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6094592


    So would it be Jag kānner mig fridful as opposed to jag känner frid? 'I feel peaceful' as opposed 'I feel at peace'? And would a different verb be used when one wants to say 'I feel peace' in the sense of there being peace all around?


    I'll leave it up to the contributors to answer your second question, but as for the first, yes, "Jag känner mig fridfull" (with two l's, not one) is a perfectly good sentence.


    Could anyony explain what "to feel at something" means or translate it to german please? My english is not good enough, thanks in advance. ^^


    "At peace" means that your are calm, and the state of your mind is peaceful. You are not agitated or angry. If you meditate, I think this is the way you would want to feel.

    "At " or "at " is not a general pattern in English. For example, all of the following are INCORRECT: "at angry", "at anger", "at happy", "at happiness". It's best to think of "at peace" as a specific phrase and just learn what it means.


    What would be "I feel peaceful"?


    peaceful=fridfull, but I think it is mostly used to describe a place, rather than a state of mind.


    Why isn't I know peace accepted?


    Känner means know with people alone. It would mean feel when used with other objects.


    Thanks. I've figured this out in the year I've been speaking Swedish between posting that and today. :)

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