"A minha"

I was just marked wrong for "ela deixa a minha comida aqui"--the answer given is "ela deixa minha comida aqui." I would have thought that "a minha" would be more correct in writing, even if the "a" would have been swallowed by a speaker after "deixa." Am I wrong? Is there a rule?

(The English was "she leaves my food here.")

November 4, 2012


Hmm, another great question. I had to ask my partner for help on this one and she actually uses "a minha" when she writes and speaks. She said that, like the muito/demais interchangeability, "a minha" and "minha" also work that way. So it's quite common to hear both ways spoken and see both ways written. This seems to be a Duolingo error.

yeah.. in English and Spanish we don´t say "the my/mine" or "le mon/la ma", but in Portuguese we usually say that "(A) minha camisa é legal" = "My shirt is cool"

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