I appear to have stopped receiving lingots when I complete a lesson.

I have been stuck at 6 for the last 3 days now.

Anyone else stopped receiving them?

December 31, 2014


Yes,mthe new lessons bar does not contain three lives so there is now a reduced maximum XP (10 instead of a possible 13 with three hearts).

Apparently it is an improvement to the old system where you would have to repeat the entire lesson if you lost all your three hearts.

PS If you have the mobile app, you can still get three hearts and lingots because they have'nt changed the apps yet.

So how do I go about getting lingots now?

How to earn lingots:

  1. Other users giving them to you

  2. Leveling up (1 lingot times level achieved)

  3. Keeping a streak

  4. Your immersion articles getting uploaded

  5. Completing a lesson

Also "Double or Nothing" wager in the lingot store.

I no longer get lingots for completing a lesson. I've been on 6 lingots for about 3 days and however many lessons I complete it stays at 6!

Lesson completion doesn't award lingots anymore. Skill completion does. For each new skill that you complete, you will receive 2 lingots.

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