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  5. "Cá bhfuil sí?"

" bhfuil sí?"

Translation:Where is she?

December 31, 2014



I answered "Where is it?" and got it wrong : ( I thought sí = she or it?


Yeah i think it would be accepted


cá = where. sí= she/her ? Can someone explain why bhfuil is needed here? Thank you!


is just a question word - you still need the verb. Without bhfuil, it'd be like saying "Where she?"


So why do we need the áit in the phrase/clause "cén áit" and what is the difference between " cad" and "céard", please? I find Irish grammar difficult to follow but refuse to give up on learning it. I find your comments very helpful.


cén áit is by itself - is a contraction of cén áit a. So when you have 'where' without a verb, you can't use .

And There is no difference between cad and céard. céard is used in Connacht Irish, and nowhere else. If you wish to speak Munster of Donegal Irish, use cad


Sounds like an episode of Ros na Rún

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