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"Jag har ett konto hos den banken."

Translation:I have an account at that bank.

December 31, 2014



Varför "hos den banken"? Är det möjligt att säga "hos banken" - utan "den"?


"den banken" is "that bank", so in this case it's necessary


Så ibland kan man använda "den" istället för "den där"? Är det vad du menar?


Ja, men om du vill skilja mellan "this" och "that" får du lägga till "här" eller "där" efter den. I'll try to explain the differences:

Den banken = "the bank we are talking about"

Den här banken = "the bank we are talking about" or "the bank we are standing inside"

Den där banken = "that bank over there" or "that bank, you know, whose name I cannot recall"

("i stället av" should be "istället för")


That was more than helpful; definitely worth a lingot. And I will edit my previous comment. Tack för hjälpen!


Not at all, none of what you wrote could be misinterpreted. I think you should continue asking questions in Swedish, you are clearly advanced enough. :)


Tack. I thought I would take a risk and try to write my question in Swedish. At least you understood what I was trying to say, so i cannot be entirely useless. :)


Thanks! :) I just noticed your second phrase as well. It has one word too many. You could say "Är det det du menar?" or "Är det vad du menar?", either one is fine but the first one is more common, at least in speech.


Kan man använda också denna för att mena that?

In case I butchered that sentence, I said: "Can you also use denna in order to mean that?


No, denna/detta and den här/det här are all this.


hos banken = at the bank

hos den banken = at that bank


In this blog it explains such det/den as determinative pronoun. I find it very interesting.


the link doesn't work anymore. so sad that they cancelled the swedish teacher :(. i mean, at least they might have left those older posts accessible.


Could you say "med den banken"?


Not really, sounds like a bad translation. Both and i work though.


Why can't it be at this bank instead?


The Swedish sentence doesn't have 'här' in it, so it's just 'that bank'.

That bank - Den banken

This bank - Den här banken


Kontor is office right? So account is the same word just without the "r" at the end?


Yes, that's correct. The original meaning from Latin through French is "counting desk". Hence the connection - account / counting.


Konto is Italian from Latin con- te and gone to France afterwords. Kontor in Swedish apparently derives , as you mentioned above, from the table ( bord) of scribere in Latin ( scrivere , Italian ➔ écrire, French).


Is it appropriate to translate this as "I have a bank account"?


No, that would be Jag har ett bankkonto.


Would you say "Jag har ett konto hos den banken." if you are having a conversation with someone and they bring up a bank company? Or is hos den här banken also acceptable for this?

Would "Jag har ett konto hos den där banken" then be used when pointing at a bank in a distance/"over there"?


If someone starts talking about a bank and you continue the conversation about it, you're much more likely to use den banken than den här banken – the latter would be like saying 'this' in English.

A: Jag är kund hos X-banken 'I'm a client with Bank X'
B: Jag har ett konto på den banken 'I have an account with that bank'
It seems unlikely you'd use 'this' here in English and it sounds downright wrong to me to use den här in Swedish. I mean, if you add a relative clause or something you could get away with it, but as it stands, it's odd.

In principle den banken and den där banken both mean the same thing, 'that bank', but it does sound better to use den banken in our above conversation. When pointing to a bank building, either works.

Also if you're pointing to a bank building, you can choose between den här (or denna) 'this' if it's close and den där (or den) 'that' if it's farther away.

Jag är kund på den här banken men min pappa är kund på den där banken 'I'm a client with this bank but my dad is a client of that bank'.


Thank you, that helps a lot!


This is interesting, in Bulgarian we also have a particle that means "at one's place" but we only use it for people, not for institutions. For institutions we use "in".


I don't recall learning "hos."


That may honestly just be your memory. You've written in at least one thread using hos before: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/6568418/I-eat-at-his-place


'konto' is also used in the sense of a user identity on a computer or online service (for example, a Facebook account), correct?


In English (at least American English) it is also acceptable to say "I have an account with that bank". Would it be possible to add that version?


No, but only since that is already accepted. :)


Can konto be used the following way: "He gave an account of the recent events"?


Nope, it doesn't have that sense. The two main ones are an account with a bank and an account on a website. Anything beyond that is terminology in e.g. accounting.

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