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  5. "Svenskar är lite annorlunda."

"Svenskar är lite annorlunda."

Translation:Swedes are a bit different.

December 31, 2014



Is 'annorlunda' regularly used in a negative light, or does it depend on the context? T.ex.- Swedes are different and peculiar but, in a very good and positive way!


It depends on the context (:


How different?


the difference between annorlunda and olika?


I had the same question. I am not a native speaker, I add quickly. When I look up the words in Norstedts Engelska Ordbok, I find "olika" more related to varieties of things (as in when all the varieties of salad dressing are on sale). As an adverb, one example is 'unequal in size', or that "människor tänker olika" (people have different ways of thinking). I was familiar with olika word from shopping (though not thinking, lol).

Annorlunda, as an adverb, can mean 'otherwise' (it says) or [helt] annorlunda [än] = [quite] differently [from]. So that makes sense with this question (to me). As an adjective, it means 'different'; the example is "de annorlunda människorna", translated as 'people that/who are different'.

This made sense to me but any expert refinements or expansions are, of course, appreciated. ;-)


I definitely get the difference. I am Minnesota, AKA the "Land of Nice". When asked by a friend to comment on something that we think is awful looking, the "Minnesota Nice" reply is usually, "That's different." :-)


Thanks Cynthia, your explanation is clear and I can now see the difference :).


It wouldn't let me put "strange". Is that too offensive of a word to use here?


annorlunda in itself is neutral, not like "strange" that has a connotation of "weird".


Why not accepted "... a trifle different"?


I would probably translate that as something else, considering that it's usually for miniscule amounts of something.


Och finländarna är väldigt annorlunda. ;-)

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