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"These are bought at the shopping mall."

Translation:Questi si comprano al centro commerciale.

July 22, 2013



Was this form learned already? I think not.


Yeah I'm a little confused since the English is written in passive voice and as far as I know we haven't covered that. But, maybe comprano is one of those backwards verbs like piachere where the active voice in Italian translates to passive voice in English? I'm pretty confused though, so it is probably not that.


I think that in Italian and other Latin languages, these sentences are in a reflexive voice. That's why there's a "si" and a present simple.


Actually, "si" in this case is an impersonal form. This means "you can buy them"


I think Dl is trying to teach the passive but this sentence can be translated much easier using just the past participle....... Questi sono comprati al centro commerciale...which DL accepted. The past participle appears to be used as a noun or as an adjective sometimes.. DL has used it before as in...È morto...He is dead. I have also seen È venduto...It is sold.


Sounds like passive voice to me!


si is used in formation of impersonal sentences, sentences where the subject is unspecified eg. si va spesso in quel paese in estate but when si is used and the subject has been specified(as in our sentence) then this is called "si passsivante" which is almost equivalent to the english passive voice eg. compro le riviste al chiosco - i buy newspapers at the kiosk le riviste si comprano al chiosco - newspapers are bought at the kiosk


Thanks Addi that helped a lot.


Thank you very much! Duo explained it briefly in the clitics lesson. But that is rather long ago, so I forgot.


I'm having a really hard time of it with si, ci, ne et al. Had I been given the sentence in English, I wouldn't have thought to put "si comprano". I just don't get it and it's driving me mad, I tell you, mad!


Isn't there a difference between "al centro commerciale" and "nel centro commerciale"? One means "at the mall" the other means "in the mall".


When you say "nel centro commerciale" you mean something is in the mall, "al centro commerciale" instead means that the object was in the mall and now it might be in an other place. But the difference is very little, actually.


Yes, why is "si" needed in this sentence?


Why is not "Si comprano questi al centro commerciale" acceptable?


Because that's not the correct sentence structure.


I definitely hadn't been introduced to this form of the verb up to now only present perfect tense


È giusto anche:" Questi si acquistano al centro commerciale".


Why is 'Questi si sono comprati nel centro commerciale?' not accepted?


For me, it accepted "Questi sono comprati al centro commerciale"


Why the drop down hints are always a 50/50 shot? Idk but that's not the words it gave me hints for. This app frustrates the hell out of me.


One can buy these at the shopping mall or You can buy these at the shopping mall.


word to word translation: "Queste sono comprate al centro commerciale" - accepted


Procurava why is that not accepted I got it from the hints


Since when did we learn shopping mall?


I don't think we have learnt it. I put "commercial centre", which was accepted, and the alternative answer was "shopping mall", so that's a roundabout way of learning, I suppose :-)

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